Premier Professional Accountants Inc. provides an end to end process for your daily bookkeeping services. We make it easy for our client’s businesses and accountants to keep track of their finances.


When we have our first meeting, we will aim to identify key performance indicators and determine a full range of options for you. Then, we can review what you are capable of for your operations.


Your assessment will involve a deep dive into your current accounting activities. This will include analyzing your working systems, transaction types, resource uses, reporting and the type of your business.


We always customize our process for your precise business needs. This will include refining the responsibilities and procedures of your business between you and Premier Professional Accountants Inc.

Set Up

One of our consultants will visit your business and set-up all the processes in a straight forward hassle-free way.

Then we work closely with your staff. This lets us have the opportunity to take a look at your ledgers, figure out which reports are needed, as well as implement any other process refinements.

We will introduce your business to our family of dedicated personnel who will be assigned your business. Private methods of communication, secure cloud data storage and exchange portals are established for a more precise work flow.


As a most trusted outsourced service provider, we have refined and created a detailed process that’s easy and efficient. We ensure that your accounting needs and tasks are painless and right to the point. Get ready to have your tedious, time-consuming tasks removed from your everyday activities as we completely refine your workflow.


As your bookkeeper, we aim to give business owners the time they need to focus on running their business, not working in their business.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Daniel Narula

Jason and his team have been great to work with and provided advise in a timely manner along with regulatory references to ensure that we made educated decisions related to our taxes.

Daniel Narula

Property Investor

Holistic Health Canada

Jason has gone above and beyond for my business and personal taxes these past three years. He leaves no stone unturned and always being there should an issue arise, or something comes up that I don’t understand. He really looks out for his clients and ensures they get the best return.

I recommend Jason and Premier Professional Accountants to ALL of my friends, family, and business-owning associates

Alysha Williams

Small Business Owner

Angela Hanlon

I’m 100% confident in Jason. His humble demeanour and non-judgemental presence is appreciated. Taxes and financial planning are not my strong suit, and it’s nice to have him as part of my business’s team.A

Doctor Angela Hanlon

Naturopathic Doctor

Doug J. Radkey

Jason is an extraordinary business professional with a passion for the hospitality industry, with a strong focus on financial management. I had the pleasure of working with Jason on a couple of projects, where his analytical skills provided depth in cash-flow management, food costing, and ongoing project-based budgets. Jason will undoubtedly deliver on an initiative with full enthusiasm and commitment.

KRG Hospitality Inc.

Business Consultant

Karen Wolfe

I began dealing with Jason many months ago regarding my recent incorporation and my total lack of accounting knowledge. I have yet to follow all his suggestions but I’m working on it but he is absolutely a blessing so far and I highly recommend him for his knowledge and his patience


Small Business Owner

Patricia Reid

100 % recommend Jason. He was very patient with me and understanding, he caught up my four years of taxes not being filed with breeze. Very professional and very reassuring. He answered my million questions with confidence. Very knowledgeable professional.

Patricia Reid

Personal Tax

Francois Milbin

At Premier Business Solutions, I not only got my taxes done for a great price, but I was also educated on how to better manage my business finances. This company went above and beyond and advised on new ways to be more organized and effective for my business. I truly appreciated working with this company and I would highly recommend them for personal or business tax services as well as business consulting!

Nu-U Float Studio Inc.

Small Business Owner

Ashlee Juneau

Jason is AWESOME! He helped us fix issues from a past accountant, is always there when I have questions (which is a lot lol), professional, and great with communication. Thanks so much, Jason!!

Ashlee's Events

Small Business Owner

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